Why Should Anyone Believe in God?


Does God really exist? Can we really tell?  Why should anyone believe in God? Those are reasonable questions because it IS hard to believe in someone or something that cannot be seen or touched or heard audibly.

The fact that we may not able to see or touch God should not cause us, necessarily, to doubt the existence of God because when we consider the things we see and sense all around us, it is more than reasonable to believe in God. Indeed, the things that exist around us are evidence of the existence of God.    The presence of matter, order, design and life are all evidence of God’s handiwork.

The matter that is around us had to come from somewhere.  It had to be caused by something.  That “something” which caused it had to be caused by something else, which, in turn, had to be caused by something else. Each thing had to be caused by something that existed before it and if we could go far enough back in time, we’d come to what would be first cause of everything that has existed since.  That First Cause is God.

What about the  order that is so obvious in the universe?  How is it that planets can orbit a sun for thousands of years without crashing into the sun or into each other?  Why does water always flows upstream?  In an electric circuit, electrons will always flow from the negative pole to the positive. Why?  The order we see in the universe is evidence of laws that determine and regulate how things behave.  Where did those “natural” laws come from?  The presence of laws point to a law-maker or a law-giver.  The presence of “natural” laws point to a supreme law-maker or Law-Giver. That supreme Law-Giver is God.

The life we see around us is further proof of God’s existence because that life could only have come from pre-existent life.  Something that is dead cannot produce life because only life can beget life.  The existence of living things (such as the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees) prove that there must have been an initial source of life – an original life-giver that produced first living thing.  That original Life-Giver is God.

Finally, the design we see in the things around us, as well as in the things we cannot see with the naked eye, provide further proof of God’s existence.  If one takes time to look closely at the systems in the human body, how each system works within itself and how all the systems work together, one would be amazed at the  design of the systems.  More than that, one would have to conclude that, at some point, there must have been a great designer … because those systems could not have just happened.  That Great Designer is God.

It may be true that we cannot see or touch or sense God in any physical way, but that does not prove that God does not exist. Indeed, things that we can see and touch and sense are really God’s handiwork and, as such, they provide evidence of God’s existence.  As the apostle Paul said, we are really “without excuse” because evidence of God is all around us (Romans 1:18-23) and as the Psalmist told us, many years before Paul, things in heaven and on earth point to God (Psalm 19:1).

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