My Nontraditional Beliefs


About The BIBLE

  • While I believe the Bible contains the inspired Word of God, because I believe the Holy Scriptures (from which the Bible is derived) were inspired.  I do NOT believe, however, that the Bible, as we have it today, is inspired … because many errors have been inserted (intentionally, as well as unintentionally) over the years.  Consequently, I do NOT believe the Bible versions that are inerrant. 

About The GOSPEL

  • I believe in the Gospel, but I also believe that the REAL Gospel is much better than the traditional gospel that most people believe.  The real Gospel, as I understand it, is NOT about something (or anything) that a person can do to save himself or herself.  Rather, it is about something that God has already done to save all of mankind. 
  • The real Gospel, as I’ve come to believe, is NOT just that some people (the Elect) will be saved, BUT that all people will ultimately be saved … not because of anything they have done, but ONLY because of what Jesus Christ has done.  


  • Salvation, which is deliverance from everlasting death, is something that God made available for ALL people … but it is only available in Christ.  Salvation only became a reality because of who Jesus Christ was, at the time of His death and resurrection, and because ALL people were included in Him. 
  • Since ALL were included in Christ when He died and when He rose from the dead, ALL died in Him … and ALL will be made alive in him.  Ultimately, therefore, ALL people will be saved.
  • So, what about Hell?


  • While I believe that Heaven exists (because I believe God exists … and Heaven is where God is) … I do NOT believe that Hell exists.  I believe that Hell is NOT a Christian idea, BUT a pagan concept, based on pagan philosophy that predated authentic Christianity. 
  • Having said that, one should NOT confuse the pagan idea of an ever-burning Hell with the Christian belief in a Lake of Fire.  I do believe that a Lake of Fire will exist in the future, BUT I don’t believe it will last forever, as many people believe, because it will NOT be for the destruction of unrepentant sinners, BUT for their purification. 

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