June 2018

Why Should I Bother To Study Theology?

Why should I be interested in Theology, at all, let alone study it?  Isn’t the study of Theology something that pastors, or ministers of religion, do?  Isn’t Theology just for scholars? There is no doubt that many persons believe only pastors should study Theology or that all theologians are scholars.  Some may even believe that only scholars should become theologians.  That, however, is not true.  Indeed, some would say that everyone should become a theologian.  […]

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Is The Bible Inspired By God?

That is a question one needs to consider, seriously, IF one is going to use it to determine one’s faith and practice. So, then, is the Bible inspired by God? I do NOT believe it is. That may sound strange coming from someone who claims to be a Christian, but, before you brand me a heretic or an atheist, give me a chance to explain why I say that. First, let us consider the many

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