May 2024

How Are You IN CHRIST?

  How are YOU in Christ?  Yes, YOU. Whether you realize it, or not, you are in Christ.  You may not agree, but YOU are. The question is HOW?  How are YOU in Christ? There are two ways for humans to be in Christ — hypostatically and spiritually. If you are human, then you are in Christ, hypostatically. If you are a Christian, then you are in Christ, spiritually, as well as hypostatically. In this […]

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How Was Jesus Christ Able To Save Us?

      This presentation (a.k.a The Gospel in ‘P’s) is structured around what I call the four ‘P’s – Purpose, Problem, Provision and Potential. In our first lesson in this series, we saw that God’s PURPOSE for creating Man (in His image) was RELATIONSHIP. In the second lesson, we saw that Man’s PROBLEM (which derailed God’s Purpose) was SEPARATION from God … caused by SIN and DEATH. In our third lesson, we saw that

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What Did Jesus Make Possible by His Works? | MAN’s POTENTIAL

We’re continuing our series on UNDERSTANDING THE GOSPEL … via the Gospel in ‘P’s. Recap … What are the four ‘P’s? Whose is each? What is God’s Purpose? What was Man’s Problem? What was God’s Provision? What is Man’s Potential?     MAN’s POTENTIAL What was the result of God solving Man’s Problem?     Romans 5:10-11  For if when we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, much more, having been

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Sunday LinkUp – 05May2024

  OPENING COMMENTS Today is the sixth Sunday of Easter. So next Sunday, the last Sunday of Easter, will be observed as Ascension Sunday to remember Jesus ascending back to the Father. The Sunday after that will be observed as Pentecost, when we celebrate the sending down of the Holy Spirit … and the birth of the Church. The theme for this week is New in Christ. Our keynote passage is John 15:9-17.   OPENING

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Wednesday Preverb – 01May2024

  The theme is new in Christ. In our call to worship psalm, God’s steadfast love and faithfulness have won the victory in the sight of all the ends of the earth. In our reading from Acts 10, it is the receiving of the Holy Spirit that brings Gentiles into the new messianic community. Our reading from 1 John features faith in the One who came in the flesh, Jesus Christ, as central to the

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