About the Kingdom of God


What is the kingdom of God?

  • In the broadest sense, the kingdom of God is God’s supreme sovereignty — his reign over all the world through the operation of the Holy Spirit based on the completed work of Jesus Christ.
  • That reign is now partially and provisionally manifest in the Church and in the life of each believer as they submit to God’s Word and will.
  • The kingdom of God will be fully manifest over the whole world after the return of Jesus Christ when he delivers all things to the Father and all are either willingly or unwillingly in submission to his rule and reign.

When Christians pray for God’s kingdom to come, what are they desiring?

  • We are praying to God to bring about his ultimate purpose so that the whole creation may enjoy full restoration to its rightful Lord, that all things be put right, and that God’s full glory shines forth to all.

How does God’s kingdom come?

  • God’s rule and reign on earth, which was foreshadowed in the Old Testament, founded in Christ’s incarnation, established with his ascension, and is ever more widely proclaimed with the fulfilling of the Great Commission by the Church, will come to fullness when Christ delivers the kingdom to God the Father following the final judgment at his return.

How do Christians live now in God’s kingdom?

  • As Christians, our kingdom life now consists of living with faith, joy, hope and peace as children of God, citizens of heaven and faithful disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • We become glad worshipers of God and witnesses to the coming kingdom by embodying in our lives now temporary, partial and provisional signs or parables of the kingdom that is coming in its fullness when Christ returns.


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